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REDBIRD Full Motion Flightsimulator


Blue Sky Aviation Trainingscenter

20 aviation authorities have approved this simulator

Redbird FMX full motion simulator

Redbird FMX is equipped with innovative 3-axis electric motion platform. This unique system provides effective motion feedback for yaw, pitch and roll.

The Redbird FMX offers full motion

  • 50° total pitch
  • 40° total roll
  • 60° totally yaw

The Redbird FMX training times can be credited in some training courses, but we also use it for topics such as retraining / familiarization, VFR in IMC, engine failure. The excellent graphics of the Redbird FMX, as well as the fairly quick and individual conversion invites you to do so.

This is where we remain close to our Motto "Make it simple" and offer Garmin 1000, Garmin GNS430/530 and also GTN650, Garmin GFC500, GFC700, S-Tec 55, KAP140 and of course the analogue instruments.

In addition, we also use the simulator for "simple" training and offer it to anyone who is interested to book it with a flight instructor.